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Join us to develop your technique, speed and endurance ready for race day. Train with us to experience race day scenarios, mass starts, buoy turns and develop an all important swim strategy. Our sessions are progressive and consistent attendance will allow for the best progress to be made.


All children should be able to confidently swim 100m to take part confidently in our sessions. Our swim coaches will informally assess new members and advise on the next steps as appropriate.


Can you already cycle? Perform will teach you how to cycle within triathlon. Group cycling, mount and dismount and race day rules will be regularly taught as well as cycle fitness.


As well as cycling, transition is taught through many games repeatedly to develop skill in this hidden discipline. 


Specific sessions for bike maintenance are offered regularly throughout the year for children and their parents.


Learn how to run efficiently with Perform for a happier end to your racing. We will use a range of drills and activities to challenge what you think about running alongside video analysis  with instant feedback. Our sessions will include endurance and speed work so prepare for a very active session!


Throughout the year, we also bring strength and conditioning elements into our sessions at an age-appropriate level.

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