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Race Dates

Triathlon, Duathlon, Aquathlon and Cross Country

Which age group is my child?

There are five age classifications based on year of birth. Age for each group are as of 31st December 2021:

  • TriStar Starts: 8 years old 

  • TriStar 1: 9-10 years old 

  • TriStar 2: 11-12 years old 

  • TriStar 3: 13-14 years old 

  • Youth: 15-16 years old



British Triathlon - South Central Junior Series (click here for link to website)


Covid has caused a delay to events being organised. For best dates, keep checking the Junior Series website.

This race series is for all tristar age groups with points awarded per race. The child with the highest points, wins! Please talk to us about which races may be more suitable for your child. Also, please talk to us if your child is aiming for podium positions; we can help you with top tips! We have a very good success record over previous seasons for children across all age groups.

        EVENT                                                                    DATE

Fareham and Chapel Tri Triathlon                               TBC

Chapel Tri Aquathlon                                                   TBC

Tri Henley Triathlon (Open Water)                               TBC

Beach borough Triathlon                                             TBC

Milton Keynes Duathlon                                               TBC

Bowood House Multisport                                            TBC

Bicester Triathlon                                                        5th July

Windsor Kids Triathlon- Eton Dorney                          TBC

Lord Wandsworth Cross Country (click here)

This is a well coordinated and popular series with age group races. Excellent event to use over the winter period and popular with our members. The events will return later this year.

Castle Triathlon Series 2021 - (click here)

The Castle Series races offer an excellent junior racing experience. All include an open water swim with a high proportion of safety support to enable a successful race. All children's races are very well marshalled and incredibly popular - especially Hever Castle! I strongly encourage you to enter and if you want one, go for Hever Castle!

Lough Cutra Castle : 11/12 September 2021

Cholmondeley Castle : 19/20 June 2021

Castle Howard : 24/25 July 2021

Chateau de Chantilly : 28/29 August 2021

Hever Castle : 26/27 September 2020

Phoenix Tri Club - Aquathlon Race Series  (click here)

A popular event held on Friday evenings at Guildford Lido. An excellent, local series to use if you are new too competing. Highly recommended!

Race Distances

Tristar: 8 yrs (50m swim / 600m run)

Tristar 1: 9-10yrs (150m swim/1.5km run)

Tristar 2: 11-12yrs (200m swim/2km run)

Tristar 3: 13-14yrs (300m swim/3km run)

Youth/Junior: 15-19yrs (500m swim/5km run)

Adults: 20yrs+ (500m swim/5km run)

4th June

2nd July

6th August

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