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Session Location

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Perform Academy Tristars are fortunate to be in an area surrounded by forest and woodland which is easily accessible from our main training locations. Based in Liphook, Hampshire using the local Infant and Junior School grounds, Perform is able to train safely away from main roads and traffic. We are fortunate to have access to an all-weather running track, astroturf pitch, large grounds and indoor hall space should conditions worsen during a session. 

In addition, swim training and most regular training sessions are taken at Highfield School, Liphook where we make use of their excellent facilities and grounds.

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Swimming Pool
Swim Training

Highfield School, Liphook

(When rules relax)

During the sessions, Perform coaches will focus on technique and endurance for triathlon. It is important to note these are not 'Learn-to-Swim' sessions. All children must be able to swim at least 100m of front crawl prior to starting our swim training and must recognise that each swim session is at least 45 mins of mostly continuous swim time. 

Training is challenging and seeks to incorporate race scenarios including mass starts and close swimming. Both often situations children can find overwhelming yet through practise we aim to reach a point of confidence!

Bike Race
Cycle Training

Cycling starts at Liphook CE Junior School where coaches can assess cycling ability. Here we can safely teach triathlon related skills including bike handling and mount and dismount. For longer rides we offer non-coached outings into the local woods and common areas for MTB fun and fitness! These are organised to start and end at Old Thorns Country Club, Liphook and we welcome parents along as well. 

At times, small group sessions targeted for race day can be organised and often use Alice Holt forest as a basis for these. Speak to James for further information.

Women's Race
Run Training

Run training is based at Liphook CE Junior School where we make use of their excellent outdoor facilities including an all-weather running track, astroturf pitch and open spaces.


Run training focuses on technique, speed and endurance. We place high importance on stretching and teaching the children how to look after our bodies and recognise when to stop or slow down. 

Small-group, bespoke sessions can be arranged to target specific requests or to seek targeted change in technique. Often video analysis will be used to help support the children in understanding how they run and what we are aiming for.

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