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Supporting Perform Academy Tristars

Our Sponsors

Zone 3

We welcome a successful partnership with Zone 3 who now can provide us with exclusive discounts across their range. Zone 3 are the world's highest rated triathlon brand for wetsuits, apparel and accessories. Take a look at their brochure and contact James for the relevant code.

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AfterBurn Fitness

As Perform provides first-class triathlon training, it makes complete sense to partner with our areas leading Personal Trainer - Jack Plumridge. Jack provides bespoke personal training and circuit based classes in Liphook and the wider community. Jack is highly recommended by the coaching team, having provided tailored, very successful, programmes for us! If you are keen to develop your health and fitness and want to work with a talented, knowledgeable PT, contact Jack

For Perform, Jack provides support and guidance on circuits and strength and conditioning sessions as well as suggesting many ideas for unique run and agility training ideas!

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